Empowering Children through fun-based education.

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Invest in Children. Inspire Leaders. Impact the Community.

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The Code


The Code.

DreamCode reaches children and youth through a S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) based afterschool program, and invests in mentoring high school students to be leaders and role models in the program. Our goal is to impact the community by helping young people get the right education, develop relevant job/life skills, break the cycle of poverty, and grow in their faith.

Inspiring A Generation


Inspiring A Generation.

We are investing in children, inspiring leaders, and impacting the community one child at a time. With DreamCode, we create an environment for children to grow into their full potential; inspired to lead the change that the community needs..

Empowering the Future.


Empowering the Future.

We are empowering children through fun-based education, metorship, entrepreneurship & digital literacy. Through our literacy and capacity development programs, we promote holistic growth and create opportunities for children in underserved, rural to be equipped to become leaders in the program and in the community.

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Our Programs.

Our programs are designed to transform communities by empowering young individuals with the relevant work, life, and tech skills they need to be global leaders. Our goal is to bridge the education to employment/entrepreneurship gap in Nigeria.

Street Leaders Program.

The Street Leader Program is our high school (known as Senior Secondary School in Nigeria) leadership program, aimed at preparing our teenage students for college or equivalent options based on their skills and passion.

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Digital Skills Program.

One way we are preparing our students for the future is equipping them with digital tech skills. We run various programs from computer appreciation, to basic programming, design and software development.

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Under 20 CEO Program.

This is our entrepreneurial skills development program aimed at helping teenagers with interest in entrepreneurship and social enterprises, develop businesses in various sectors.

We want to build business leaders early as well as create the culture of creative enterprise and community development through business creation by teenagers.

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We want to create change in our communities and stand as a voice for children in local, underserved communities who have no one believing in them. Would you walk this journey with us?

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Thank you for your
interest in DreamCode.

I am Mercy Anih, and I serve as the executive director of DreamCode. I have spent the last 6 years designing programs and executing projects that proffer sustainable solutions in the area of Early Stage Education, Youth Employment, Personal and Enterprise Development.

With DreamCode, we are creating a tech enabled support system for public school students in Nigeria and Africa to gain relevant life and tech skills.

I want to create change in my community and stand as a voice for students in local, underserved communities who have no one believing in them. Walk this journey with us.

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